The Ministry of Industry and Trade explained how the car rental program will work

The new program to support the demand for affordable vehicles, for which Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed to allocate 2.5 billion rubles this year, will work on the basis of banks and leasing companies.

The rental mechanism and rate are being worked out, deputy head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Alexander told reporters Morozov.

“Now we want to launch the Affordable Rental program, which will be especially relevant in the context of two trends. The first of them is that a significant part of young people aged 18 to 25 do not want to buy cars today, but want to use them. The second trend is this year is especially difficult for small and medium-sized businesses, perhaps even worse than everyone. Therefore, we now need to offer how small and medium-sized businesses can get a car for use, “Morozov described the situation.

According to him, one of the options is to create a fleet of vehicles in the region on the basis of a large leasing company or a bank that can satisfy any client’s request.

“That is, the client can take the car for use for such a period that is necessary for him. It is difficult to imagine how the business will be restored, so in the current situation it is important to give him the opportunity to be very flexible,” the deputy minister said.

“For this, the machines will be registered, maintained and maintained on the balance sheet of leasing companies or banks that have expressed a desire to participate in the project. The key issue remains the size of the affordable rental rate. We want to sponsor pilot projects in the regions so that this program is deployed throughout the country. It is necessary to solve two problems: on the one hand, the rental mechanism should work quickly and without failures, and on the other hand, the rate should be low, “he also explains.

Following a meeting with auto concerns last Friday, April 24, the President of the Russian Federation, among other measures to support the automotive industry, proposed allocating 2.5 billion this year for the Affordable Rental program.