The Ministry of Education painted the ceremony of raising the national flag in schools

The Ministry of Education approved and presented the standard for the ceremony of raising the state flag of the Russian Federation in educational and professional organizations. The ceremony will be held weekly on the first day of school, taking into account the weather, the structural features of the building and the specifics of the educational institution. In the autumn-winter period, it is recommended to hold the event indoors, in the spring-summer – outdoors.

For the ceremony, a banner group will be formed, which will include students with various achievements – educational and extracurricular.

At the first lesson, the teacher will inform the classes that do not take part in the ceremony about the composition of the banner group, announce the calendar of memorable dates of national and local significance for the week. The agency recommends that a short version of the national anthem of Russia be performed simultaneously with the participants of the ceremony at the “Smirno” stand.

The performance of the Russian anthem and the raising of the national flag at the beginning of the school week will be held in each school from September 1 of the next academic year.


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