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The ministry of digital may restrict the use of non-Russian LTE stations

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The ministry did not rule out that it could impose a restriction on the use of non-Russian LTE base stations in communication networks. This was stated by the head of the Ministry of Finance Maksut Shadayev.

“Our main question now is how do we gently stimulate demand? And here we are looking at two stories. It is clear that we will introduce restrictions in some segments, for example, 5G base stations – we have already decided together that there will be Russian ones. Now we are considering for ourselves that LTE base stations will also be Russian, and we are considering the possibility of introducing such restrictions when operators will be able to put only Russian-made base stations on the network, this is a very serious thing, “Mr. Shadayev said at a meeting of the Federation Council committee on economic policy (quoted by TASS).

The ministry explained to the agency that the obligation of telecom operators to use only Russian telecommunications equipment included in the register of Russian electronic products will be provided for when allocating or renewing decisions on the allocation of radio frequency bands for the development and construction of LTE and LTE-Advanced networks. Other equipment must be compatible with it. The introduction of Russian equipment will be phased.

Note that, according to the concept of technology development, the total costs of operators for 5G by 2024 should amount to only 161 billion rubles. in the case of independent construction of networks by each and 55.4 billion rubles. when combined into a consortium. The Analytical Credit Rating Agency predicts that the costs of Russian telecom operators for the construction of networks of the new 5G standard may turn out to be higher than expected and will reach 1 trillion rubles. by 2027.

Details – in the material “b” “5G will collect dividends.”

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