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The Ministry of Defense spoke about the new exploits of Russian military personnel in a special operation


Senior warrant officer Igor Voynov, while clearing one of the villages, discovered a detachment of nationalists. The enemy tried to regroup to repel the attack of Russian engineers, but suffered heavy losses and was forced to retreat. At the same time, the nationalists abandoned all weapons and ammunition. After the battle, Voynov defused eight mines.

Sergeant Gleb Chubrik found two militant firing positions in an old abandoned building. Competently distributing the positions of his subordinates, he attacked the nationalists. The squad eventually destroyed more than 10 opponents. At the same time, there were no losses in their ranks.

Corporal Sergei Devushkin was driving the car when it came under enemy fire. Skillfully maneuvering, Sergey covered his comrades leading the battle with a car. After that, getting out of the car, he exchanged fire with the nationalists until reinforcements arrived.

Corporal Vladimir Golubchikov repeatedly removed equipment from enemy artillery fire, after which he organized its repair. As part of the column, he made a march when he discovered a group of nationalists who were preparing an ambush. Vladimir, having made a maneuver in a car, took an advantageous position and opened fire on the nationalists. When examining their positions, maps with plotted mining areas were later found.

Corporal Artemy Artyunin is involved in the uninterrupted logistics support of Russian landing units on the front line. Ukrainian nationalists intended to destroy our column. The car moving ahead of Artemy’s car was severely damaged, lost speed, blocking the movement of the column.

Artyunin drove around the wrecked car along the side of the road and, risking his life, pulled three wounded out of it, transferring them to his car. Then, not wanting to leave the damaged equipment to the enemy, he took the wrecked car in tow and delivered it to his own.

Private Alexei Marin found a group of nationalists with a grenade launcher on the side of the road at night. They were preparing an attack on a column of Russian paratroopers. Aleksey drove the car at full speed towards the militants, which caused panic among the saboteurs and forced them to run chaotically. “Aleksey called fire on himself, which made it possible for the main forces of the column to regroup and start attacking the nationalists. During the clash, Alexei, maneuvering on the battlefield, provided competent sectors of fire to the gunner-operator,” the Russian Defense Ministry said.

In the battle, the BMD under the control of an ordinary Marina was hit by a grenade launcher. Despite the shell shock, Aleksey got out of the combat vehicle and was able to continue the fight.

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