The Ministry of Culture did not expect Cheburashka to become the highest-grossing film in Russia

Shot from the film “Cheburashka”

Director of the Department of Cinematography and Digital Development of the Ministry of Culture of Russia Dmitry Davidenko answered the reporter’s questions FAN about the film “Cheburashka”, which became the highest-grossing film in the history of Russian cinema, and also spoke about the movie that is going to be shot on the theme of NWO.

“Of course, at the level of the script, it was already clear that this film would be released to the audience and, possibly, successful. Another question is that, of course, we did not expect that this film would be the highest-grossing film in the history of Russian cinema. And now, analyzing the film, we understand that it has all the ingredients for great success. And the most important thing is that our computer designers have learned to draw beautifully, dignifiedly and competitively. “Cheburashka” turned out to be incredibly sweet, touching and this is the key to success, including “

Answering a question about future films that will later be released, Davidenko named Lebedev’s drama “Nuremberg”, the fairy tale “By the Pike” and the remake of “Guest from the Future”:

“The production of projects takes a long time. Of course, we understand that cinemas today need content, and colleagues are trying to make projects as quickly as possible, but from what I can name, these are such big projects as Lebedev’s drama “Nuremberg”, the fairy tale “By Pike” and a remake by all favorite movie “Guest from the Future”, which is called “One Hundred Years Ago””.

According to Davidenko, viewers are most likely looking for the good and the past in old films, but the main thing that was laid down in the past for the previous generation and the new one.

“Most of all, adults came to cinemas. Probably, this is a film for adults, but who will bring their children, ”Davidenko said.

According to him, films about NWO are being prepared in Russia. In the country, as Davidenko said, they pay special attention to this topic. Movies will be shot with the highest quality, because the topic is very important, Davidenko said.

Answering a question about citizens who left the country, Davidenko said that we need to focus on those who remained in Russia.


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