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The media saw signs of Biden’s imminent resignation

US President Joe Biden’s public statements that he had cancer may indicate his “imminent flight” from the White House. The Iranian newspaper Resalat came to this conclusion.

“Biden is preparing for his voluntary departure from the White House. Biden’s recent confession paves the way for that. ‹…› Some analysts say Biden’s statements set the stage for rapid and sudden change in the White House. These changes may occur before or after the US midterm elections.

The publication stressed that Biden, most likely, will no longer nominate his candidacy for the US presidency. The likelihood of such a scenario, according to journalists, looks quite realistic and logical, since problems with cognitive functions and the “inability” to govern the country lower the ratings of not only Biden himself, but the entire Democratic Party.

“The public needs to be presented with a more or less justified picture of the president’s early departure from office,” the publication says.

On July 21, Biden announced that he had cancer due to pollution in the region where he spent his childhood. Later, the White House clarified that the American leader misspoke, accidentally using the verb in the present tense, and meant his experience in treating skin cancer in the past.

Biden is the oldest US president. He is 79 years old. Questions about the state of his health are repeatedly discussed both in the United States and around the world. So, on July 10, The New York Times columnist Peter Baker concluded that Biden was unlikely to be able to run for a second term for health reasons. According to the article, public opinion polls show that many Americans consider it too old.

In April, former White House doctor and Republican Rep. Ronnie Jackson said that Biden’s cognitive abilities had deteriorated to the point of presenting a “national security issue.” In particular, he pointed to the tendency of the head of the White House to slowness in speech and reservations.

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