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The media said Biden was losing in the energy war against the Russian Federation

Russian President Vladimir Putin has wrapped American leader Joe Biden around his finger in an energy war. Thomas Lifeson, a columnist for The American Thinker, shared this opinion with readers on July 26.

As the columnist recalled, Western countries imposed an embargo on the purchase of oil from Russia, artificially raising the cost of the resource and creating a deficit. But Washington has shown the senselessness and counterproductiveness of sanctions, since Russian oil is not accumulated in storage facilities, but is sold to Saudi Arabia.

The Kingdom is buying Russian oil at a discount to higher world prices caused by sanctions (and the Biden administration’s restrictions on exploration, production and transportation of oil to the US). The country uses Russian oil as a fuel for electricity generation.

As a result, the Saudis sell their own oil to the West at even more inflated prices. As the author of the article believes, in the end, Russia also wins, as it receives a much higher price for oil than before the imposition of sanctions.

The observer emphasizes that anti-Russian sanctions are counterproductive, like many White House initiatives.

On July 16, Biden ended his four-day visit to the Middle East. As part of the trip, the American leader said that the United States intends to remain active in the region in order to avoid creating a vacuum that would be filled by Russia and China. During his trip to Saudi Arabia, Biden intended to ask Riyadh to increase oil production.

On July 18, Karen Elliott House, a former journalist for The Wall Street Journal, said that the trip to Saudi Arabia of the US president did not bring any results and turned out to be a shame for him. In her opinion, Biden’s visit harmed American interests in the Middle East, showing that neither Saudi Arabia nor other Gulf states trust the US enough to make sacrifices to renew damaged relations.

On the same day, Fox News viewers criticized the US President after his visit to Saudi Arabia. In the comments below political journalist Sean Hannity’s YouTube story, they called the head of state a clown.

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