The media learned about bitcoins on the balance of Bitfinex


Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex holds digital gold on its balance sheet, an informed source told The Block.

According to him, the platform has historically retained a portion of the fees from bitcoin transactions “as a long-term commitment to the world’s first and largest cryptocurrency.”

The interlocutor of the publication declined to give specific figures.

Previously CTO Bitfinex Paolo Ardoino wrote that exchanges benefiting from bitcoin should invest part of the profits in the first cryptocurrency and technologies based on it:

Lightning [Network], RGBcontracts, liquid staking is what Bitfinex focuses on.”

Data: X.

In a comment to the publication, Ardoino clarified that Bitfinex is “reinvesting in bitcoin technology.” According to him, this is much more than just buying an asset.

In May, the exchange-linked Tether Limited disclosed that it owns the first $1.5 billion cryptocurrency. The USDT issuer later announced that it would regularly allocate up to 15% of its net realized operating income to buy bitcoin.

To recap, as of July, only two public companies out of the top 10 digital gold holders ended up with unrealized profits, according to CoinGecko.

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