The level of occupancy of gas storage facilities in Germany exceeded 76%

BERLIN, 15 Aug – The filling rate of German gas storage facilities has exceeded 76%, and the goal of filling up to three-quarters by September 1 has been achieved, informs Federal Network Agency.

Germany has previously adopted legislative amendments that oblige gas storage operators to fill them by 95% by November. According to the new resolution, by September 1, storage facilities must be filled to at least 75%, and by October 1 – at least 85%.

Since last Friday, the level has risen by 1.72 percentage points. Thus, the plan to fill up to 75% by September 1 was completed ahead of schedule.

The Federal Network Agency notes that gas is being pumped into storage facilities.

It is specified that Germany’s largest underground gas storage facility (UGS) Rehden, which was previously owned by Gazprom through subsidiaries and in which gas was less than 1% of the volume in April, is now 54.76% full. This figure has increased by 2.48 percentage points since last Friday.

As the regulator notes, the security of gas supplies in Germany is still guaranteed. As for Nord Stream, gas flow through it remains at about 20% of its maximum capacity.

The agency noted that wholesale gas prices remain at very high levels due to reduced supply.

“Companies and private consumers should prepare for a significant increase in gas prices,” the agency said.

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