The lawyer spoke about subsidies for housing and communal services for Russians

Russians can receive subsidies for utility bills. The benefit is available to those who spend on housing and communal services more than the established maximum in the total family income. On December 8, the leading lawyer of the European Legal Service, Srbui Ivashchenko, told Prime agency about this.

Four categories of citizens have the right to subsidies: users of premises of state and municipal housing funds, tenants of premises of private housing stock, participants in housing cooperatives, as well as owners of residential premises.

“In Moscow, if more than 10% of your family’s income is spent on utility bills, you can apply for a subsidy – the state compensates for part of the cost of housing and communal services. Calculate the average total income of your family. To do this, add up all sources of income (before taxes) for six calendar months, the countdown of which begins six months before the application is submitted, and divide the resulting amount by six, ”explained the lawyer.

According to her, if you apply for benefits in July, income from July to December 2021 will be taken into account.

The calculation takes into account the income of all family members, as well as their spouses, minor children, parents or minor children. Moreover, it does not matter if they have a different registration.

Then you need to compare the result with the maximum income for such a family with the standard, which is on the website of the City Center for Housing Subsidies.

Earlier, on December 5, the lawyer named several ways to save on utility bills. In particular, you can try to install individual metering devices. For example, with an individual water meter, the price will be set based on the actual water spent, and not according to the consumption standard for the number of people registered in housing.

Also, various energy-efficient electrical equipment can help save on electricity bills. And if the tenant does not use, in particular, the common house antenna and telephone, he can apply to the contractor to turn off these services.

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