The lawyer of the man injured in a fight with Leps revealed the details of the incident

A man who was injured in a fight with singer Grigory Leps in one of the bars in St. Petersburg intends to initiate a criminal case against the performer. On Monday, December 5, Izvestia was informed by the victim’s lawyer Yevgeny Kheifets.

“He is a victim under article 112 of the Criminal Code, part 2 – intentionally inflicted injuries that caused harm to health of medium severity, committed by a group of persons out of hooligan motives. Beaten by Leps and his bodyguard. Displaced nose fracture,” he said.

According to the lawyer, on the night of December 5, Dmitry was sitting in a bar, playing backgammon. Leps also rested in the institution, he drank alcohol. Together with his bodyguard, the musician approached the man and demanded that he be allowed to play backgammon.

“He said he was betting 10 thousand dollars, waving bundles of thousandth bills. Dmitry said that he did not have that kind of money for a bet and asked to play backgammon as usual. After that, Leps gave the guard glasses and hit him in the face. They were asked to leave the bar, they left, after which, on the street, Leps and the security guard continued to beat him further. The guards calmed Leps, they went about their business, and my [доверитель] returned to the bar, and then went to the emergency room. He seeks the initiation of a criminal case and a legal investigation, ”Kheifets informed.

He clarified that at the moment the criminal case has not yet been initiated. Commenting on the possibility of applying for material compensation, the lawyer noted that his principal would decide this after the legal process begins.

On December 5, at the disposal of Izvestia, footage of a fight between a Russian singer and a visitor to the establishment appeared. The video shows that Grigory Leps and 39-year-old Dmitry aggressively communicated with each other. At the same time, others tried to prevent the conflict from escalating into a fight. After that, one of the men standing next to Leps hit Dmitry in the face, and he fell to the ground.

According to sources, the cause of the fight was the artist’s refusal to take a picture. The guards allegedly took the visitor outside, after which he began to insult Leps and his companions. As a result, a fight broke out.

As psychologist Ekaterina Verchenova suggested, the singer’s aggressive behavior could be due to stress. She also admitted the influence of alcohol on the human body and recalled that everyone reacts differently to drinking alcohol.

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