The investment strategist told me who froze the ruble and when it will be unfrozen

Investment strategist Verevkin: the ruble will remain strong as long as energy prices are high

The ruble will remain strong as long as energy prices are high, their export volumes are comparable to current ones, and the balance of payments is in surplus. The fact that the assets of non-residents, who used to be the first to buy dollars, are still frozen, also plays in favor of the national currency, investment strategist Alor Broker Pavel Verevkin told the Prime agency.

The weakening of the ruble will be supported by cheaper raw materials in the event of a global recession, as well as a new version of the budget rule, which the authorities want to launch with the aim of devaluing to support exporters and fill the budget.

“Imports are unlikely to recover to the levels of 2021 since industrial equipment and cars occupied a significant share in its structure, and now these deliveries are not being made,” he suggested.

It is premature to count on a quick recovery in imports and buying dollars from unfriendly residents, so in the medium term, the ruble will weaken in the range of 60-64.5 per dollar if the authorities make an effort to do so.

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