The integration of the digital ruble into the tax system of the Russian Federation was approved by the State Duma committee

digital ruble digital ruble 2
digital ruble digital ruble 2

The State Duma Committee on Budget and Taxes recommended adopting in the first reading a bill providing for the integration of the digital ruble into the system of tax regulation and control. TASS reports this.

The document supplements the Tax Code with the concept of “digital ruble account” to regulate transactions with them in the context of legal relations.

The new asset can be recovered if there is a shortage or absence of other funds in the citizen’s account.

Tax authorities will have the right to suspend transactions on digital ruble accounts and require supporting documents about their write-off as contributions to the state budget.

Operators of the digital ruble platform will be required to comply with tax controls and will be held liable for violating these requirements.

In addition, the bill prescribes the taxation procedure for transactions with digital rubles.

In the current version of the document, operations related to opening and maintaining an account, as well as the transfer of an asset, are exempt from VAT.

For determining Personal income tax the bill proposes to establish the date of actual receipt of income when digital rubles are credited to the taxpayer’s account.

Corporate income tax is calculated by recognizing related income and expenses on accrual and cash basis.

Let us remind you that the law on the Russian CBDC came into force on August 1.

Citizens of the Russian Federation will have the opportunity to use it en masse in 2025–2027.

The asset is currently being tested in several banks.

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