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The influence of society on the victory in the NWO was discussed at the headquarters of CYBER FRONT Z


CYBER FRONT Z held another patriotic meeting, where the guests discussed how society can influence the outcome of a special operation and whether we are doing enough now to maintain the morale of our military in Ukraine. The guest speaker of the evening was Mira Terada.

“All the help that is provided by Russian society cannot be measured, because initially you need to be grateful for all the help that is provided, and the more help is provided, the more people communicate with each other. And it is growing exponentially, and this is very pleasing,” the speaker noted.

It is no secret that during the Great Patriotic War the Soviet army was supported far beyond the front. People then could safely be called participants in the battle itself. Patriotism dominated the country, everyone was ready to contribute. What now?

“It’s the fear of stepping out of your comfort zone. This is the non-acceptance by people of what will no longer be the same as before, and we live in a new reality. And this new reality in no way suggests that it will be worse. It’s just something new, now it’s in our hands what this reality will become. Therefore, I urge people who are now in a neutral position to still make some kind of decision for themselves, because the responsibility for which country we will live in is entirely on our shoulders, ”Terada shared.

The speaker suggested that, perhaps, people do not receive enough reliable information about what is happening, as well as about how to support and help, and also clarified that this is why it is now necessary to cover this in every media, media and social networks. .

“I know people who say: “I don’t watch the news anymore, I don’t read the news anymore, I’m tired of it, I feel worse.” These people are less resistant to stress, and our task is to protect them, because they are also our citizens – just with a less mobile psyche. But those who are able, who are not indifferent, can only show by their example what needs to be done and infected, ”Mira explained.

She shared her example. She said that she recently participated in the collection of humanitarian aid together with Vitaly Milonov. Mira admitted that she could hardly hold back tears from what she saw.

“There was a woman who brought bottled water in five-liter eggplants, and Vitaly Valentinovich emphasized this, he said that one five-liter eggplant can drink one family for a day. And any contribution is significant in this case. This is how you motivate others. We need to get involved and talk about it. Especially people to whom attention is riveted, they should talk about it. Not for the purpose of boasting and promoting, because all the people I know who provide help, they really do it sincerely, in order to show by their example how to help and what can be done.

Mira did not miss the opportunity to congratulate all health workers on the holiday:

“This is a very important profession, just like during the pandemic. All the health workers who nurse, treat and carry our children in order to provide them with medical care – bow to you for all this work.

The most important thing that we came to in the course of the discussion is that everyone can help. Even an insignificant, at first glance, contribution may be the most necessary.



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