The increase in the price of some socially significant products was recorded in the Chelyabinsk region

FBA “Economy Today”

The price tag of many items from the list of important foodstuffs decreased between November 8 and 22. However, there are also such food products, the cost of which has grown, albeit slightly. This was reported in the Chamber of Control and Accounts of the region.

According to the online publication ChelyabinskSegodnya, the analysis used data received from the Ministry of Agriculture of the Chelyabinsk Region, collected in turn from the Pyaterochka, Magnit Spar and Auchan retail chains.

The price of sugar fell most noticeably during this time – by 2.75 rubles, buckwheat groats – by 3.79 rubles, as well as chilled and frozen chickens – by 3.91 rubles. In total, about 14 items of socially significant products are noted, and prices for nine of them have been reduced. However, the prices for the remaining five items rose slightly.

Thus, the price for 1 kg of potatoes rose by 5.79%, or by 1.33 rubles. Fresh white cabbage added 0.54 rubles or 3.26% in value, and chicken eggs rose in price by 2.99% or 1.92 rubles.


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