The head of the RTS announced the measures proposed by Novak to stabilize the fuel market

At a meeting with experts from the fuel market, Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak instructed to work out a number of measures to stabilize the situation on the fuel market, the head of the Russian Fuel Union (RTS) Yevgeny Arkusha told Interfax.

Among the announced measures:

  • work out the issue of introducing fuel agreements between oil companies and the government by analogy with 2018;
  • work out the topic of banning the export of oil products to ensure supplies to the domestic market;
  • to study the possibility of increasing the standards for exchange sales of fuel;
  • analyze the problem of purchases of goods during the main session in the interests of oil companies or their affiliates through third parties.

The meeting participants raised the issue of reducing acquiring for gas stations, and an instruction was given on this topic.

In early March, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin ordered fuel prices to be monitored. The Ministry of Energy explained the rise in fuel prices by general inflation, fluctuations in wholesale prices against the background of seasonal demand, as well as an increase in demand due to frosts. On May 1, an adjusted damper came into effect in Russia, which is designed to keep fuel prices down.

On June 2, Energy Minister Nikolai Shulginov announced that the government is working to prevent fuel shortages on the domestic market in the summer. According to him, the ministry expects that by the end of the year the rise in retail prices for gasoline will not exceed the inflation rate.

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