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The head of the German company calls on the EU to develop rules for the distribution of gas


Chaos will begin in Europe, and the solidarity of the European Union will be undermined if Russian gas supplies are cut off, Markus Krebber, head of the largest German energy company RWE, said.

In his opinion, the EU should establish the rules for sharing energy right now.

And the German vice-chancellor urged the Germans to take a shower no more than a couple of minutes. He stated that the gas shortage will deal a stronger blow to the economy than the shortage of oil in the 70s.

Many Germans will not have enough money until the end of the month because of rising prices. In addition, entire industries could be shut down. Hundreds of thousands of citizens will then lose their jobs.

But the vice-chancellor never said that all the problems could be solved by Nord Stream 2, which is already ready, but Germany does not want to launch it yet.


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