The head of Solana called Ethereum “bourgeois”


At a time of global economic transformation, Ethereum is not a “harbinger of a true revolution,” but simply “a new spectacle of bourgeois upheaval,” says Anatoly Yakovenko, co-founder of the Solana project.

Yakovenko expressed his thoughts in response to criticism of his blockchain. One user said that Solana is like a democratic crypto party – “a coalition of poor and rich people who don’t understand where value actually comes from or how to create it.”

According to the developer, the modern face of the oppression of the working masses is constantly changing, as “the petty bourgeoisie revels in the digital carnival.”

“In the sacred pursuit of a truly stateless digital dominion, in which networks of interactions and transactions flow unhindered among the proletariat, freed from the yoke of capitalist intermediaries and government surveillance, the simple cost of creating a state should be trivial, indeed, insignificant,” Yakovenko emphasized.

One user asked if the head of Solana used the ChatGPT chatbot to write this text.

The comments under Yakovenko’s post were filled with a wave of jokes about revolution and Marxism. His Chinese readers showed significant activity.

Earlier, the head of Solana voiced the reasons for the developers’ departure from the United States. He said the local regulatory environment is to blame and advised lawmakers to take a closer look at the industry to regulate it.

Let us recall that in July Yakovenko allowed the use of Ethereum as a second-level solution for Solana. With technical collaboration, asset owners in a potential L2 network “will have guarantees of finality and will be able to revert back to the protocol even in the event of double spending.”

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