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The guests of the Night Wolves bike show were greeted by a triptych of monuments

A crowd of spectators from different cities of Russia is already warming up at the Night Wolves motorcycle show to rock and roll, which sounds on Mount Gasfort in Sevastopol. Very soon, the headliners will also take the stage: the groups Alisa, 25/17 and the musician Vadim Samoilov.

“I did not expect such grandeur. I’m here for the first time, but it’s very cool. This is a wonderful audience, one of the best and most moving audiences in the country,” said Konstantin Kulyasov, leader of the Animation group.

In a nearby campground, the music does not stop either. The guests of the event themselves take up the instruments and create the atmosphere.

At the bike show, the audience will see a mix of spectacular elements: motorcyclists soaring up, cutting circles inside a huge iron ball, a solemn guard of honor and choreography of young ballerinas.

Already at the entrance to Mount Gasfort, guests are greeted by a triptych of monuments: “Rear to the Front”, “Motherland”, “Warrior-Liberator”. The common element is the sword, which was forged in Magnitogorsk, raised over Stalingrad and lowered only in Berlin. Here all three monuments are brought together. This year the moto show is imbued with a common patriotic idea called “Russian Forest”.

According to the developers of the show, the idea of ​​the event is that the forest is life, it grows on a vast territory, where every tree tends to rise. At the show, real seedlings of the Russian Forest will be carried by equipment from the times of the Great Patriotic War.

On July 11, the leader of the Night Wolves, Alexander Zaldastanov, also known as the Surgeon, said that the culmination of the bike show would be “an incredible and unique action.”

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