The government will allocate another 4.5 billion rubles for cashback for children’s vouchers

An additional 4.5 billion rubles will be allocated to pay tourist cashback for summer vacations for children, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said at a government meeting. Earlier, 5 billion rubles were already allocated for these purposes. It was decided to increase the volume after Vladimir Putin’s proposal to introduce cashback for those who have already bought vouchers for children.

“More than 220 thousand children will be able to relax in the summer on favorable terms, gain strength and have a good time,” said Mr. Mishustin (quote from the government website).

In April, the president proposed extending the cashback program at least until the end of the year, as well as returning 50% of the cost of a ticket to a children’s camp to parents. In 2020, during the first two stages of the tourist cashback, Russians bought tours for 6.5 billion rubles, and the total amount of cashback was 1.2 billion.

More details about the program – in the publication of “Kommersant” “The Russians will be paid extra for the rest.”

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