The government intends to prevent fuel shortages in the summer

The Russian government is working to prevent fuel shortages on the domestic market in the summer, Energy Minister Nikolai Shulginov said. According to him, the ministry expects that by the end of the year the rise in retail prices for gasoline will not exceed the inflation rate.

As the head of the Ministry of Energy clarified, the growth of wholesale prices for gasoline is limited due to the measures taken by the government, which creates conditions for a stable situation in the market. “The government of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation and other departments are working to prevent the development of a scenario of shortage of fuel in the summer,” he said in an interview with the Russia-24 TV channel on the sidelines of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (quoted by TASS).

On May 1, an adjusted damper came into effect in Russia, which is designed to keep fuel prices down. At the same time, since the beginning of May, Ai-95 and Ai-92 have risen in price by 4% and 2%, up to 57.4 thousand rubles. and 53.2 thousand rubles. per ton, respectively. The head of the Russian Fuel Union, Yevgeny Arkusha, linked the rise in fuel prices to a sharp increase in consumption at the beginning of the holiday season.

For more information about the rise in fuel prices, see the Kommersant article “Gasoline Spilled on the Holidays”.

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