The French regulator checked the Paris offices of Worldcoin


On August 30, the National Commission for Informatics and Liberties of France (CNIL) conducted “checks” at the Paris office of the Worldcoin project. Reuters writes about it.

According to a spokesman for the regulator, the visit took place as part of an ongoing investigation into the legality of the use of biometric data. He did not provide additional details.

Earlier, the Worldcoin team, responding to CNIL claims, said that their project is designed to protect the privacy of the individual and strives to comply with regulatory requirements.

Recall that Worldcoin announced the official launch on July 24. The main product of the project, the World ID protocol, is based on zero-knowledge proofs. It is a mobile tool that allows people to identify themselves with a retinal scan or a phone number.

Worldcoin has come under scrutiny from regulators in various countries. The compliance of the collection and storage of personal information of citizens with the current legislation became interested in the regulators of Great Britain, France, Germany and Argentina.

In Kenya, the project was suspended, and the company’s warehouses were searched. A special committee has been set up to study the issue in detail.

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