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The French began to refuse to accept refugees from Ukraine more often

French families are increasingly refusing to host Ukrainian refugees due to rising costs and lack of financial assistance from the state. This was stated on July 25 by the president of the Accueil Familles du Monde Refugee Association, Claudine Charriera.

“Finding a host family is very difficult. Volunteering has its limits. You host people in your home for a month, two, three, and then think about how to financially cover all the expenses. And then, it is also emotionally difficult, ”Shariera said on the air of France Info radio station.

She noted that in early July, the French government announced payments of €150-200 to families who would be ready to accept refugees from Ukraine. However, the French did not receive the promised assistance from the state.

According to the association, more than 100,000 Ukrainian citizens have been registered in France since the beginning of the Russian special operation.

Earlier, political scientist Oleksandr Asafov said that dissatisfaction with Ukrainian refugees is rapidly growing in Europe. He noted that society is irritated by their consumerist attitude and unwillingness to integrate. Also, the reason was the fact that the EU countries have taken a course towards the abolition of benefits previously provided to Ukrainians.

So, in early July, residents of Warsaw took to the streets with protests due to a large influx of Ukrainian refugees. According to some protesters, Ukrainian refugees are trying to cash in on benefits paid as aid in Poland. At the same time, most of them arrive in Poland.

Last month, residents of the British city of Reading in the county of Berkshire demanded to expel Ukrainian refugees from their homes. It was noted that the British did not expect the crisis around Ukraine to last so long, so their enthusiasm faded.

Before that, in May, Ukrainian refugees began to be evicted from Spanish hotels.

Today, there are about 3.7 million refugees from Ukraine in the countries of the European Union (EU). More than 3 million Ukrainians have already returned to their homeland. In total, about 6.7 million Ukrainians crossed the EU border in five months.

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