The founder of Cardano pushed the Ledger team to uphold their pledges

The Ledger Company has broken the trust of crypto community members around the world by launching the dangerous Ledger Recover service, which transfers passwords (passwords) to others for safekeeping.

Then, the company’s name was almost buried with a message from a support worker stating that the company still has the right to remove users’ private keys. Many have spoken about this, and the founder of Cardano Charles Hoskinson has decided not to stay away.

Hoskinson encouraged users to choose open-source software over closed solutions like Ledger. He made it clear that developers and users around the world are constantly evaluating open-source software, which makes it slower, more secure, and more transparent.

Hoskinson explained the motivation for buying hardware wallets, pointing out that people often want to improve the security of their money by not relying on hot trusts based on wallets.


Hoskinson also pointed out that the hardware wallet industry is an outstanding example of self-regulation. In this case, he reiterated the importance of respecting social contracts, and Ledger recommended that they keep their promises to customers about security and privacy.

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