The federal budget received 2.5 trillion rubles. from income tax for 2022

In late March, 2.5 trillion rubles were added to the federal budget’s revenue portion. In addition to regular tax payments, income tax for the previous year is received by the budget during this time. The head of the Russian Ministry of Finance, Anton Siluanov, made this announcement.

“Yesterday the treasury received an additional 2.5 trillion rubles. There is a slight decrease in oil and gas revenues, because the price parameters for energy resources are somewhat different from what is included in the budget. But I am sure that we will fulfill all our obligations,” Mr. Siluanov said in an interview for Moscow. Kremlin. Putin.”

According to the Electronic Budget portal, by March 28, federal budget revenues amounted to 3.5 trillion rubles, and expenses – 7.5 trillion rubles. The next time the data on the portal will be updated on April 10, follows by a message on the site.

Budget revenues lagged behind expenditures by 1.76 trillion rubles. in January, in February – by 820 billion rubles. In January-February, the deficit reached 2.581 trillion rubles. — 88% of the plan for 2023 (2.925 trillion rubles). Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said that the large size of the budget deficit is associated with “advance financing”. According to him, the increase in “leading advances” reached 52%.

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