The expert named the areas in which salaries will increase after the pandemic

According to her, the ratio of supply and demand for many specialists will change.

Associate Professor of the Department “Development of Human Capital” REU named after G.V. Plekhanova Lyudmila Ivanova-Shvets spoke about the economic changes in the labor market after the end of the pandemic and the abolition of the self-isolation regime.

“The labor market after the epidemic and such a long period of self-isolation, of course, will no longer be the same,” the Prime agency quoted Shvets as saying.

The expert noted that for many vacancies the ratio of supply and demand, as well as the amount of payment and the organization of labor, will change.

Now the most noticeable demand is for pharmaceutical workers, online services, including entertainment and training, as well as retail. But after a change in the epidemiological situation, the demand for goods and services in pharmaceuticals, retail and delivery will be reduced.

Accordingly, the salaries of workers in these areas will also not grow. But in education and online entertainment, an increase in wages is not excluded.

Real wage increases are in monopolistic companies and in low-competitive areas. For example, in energy or communications. After the pandemic, little will change for them.

Salary growth is also expected in medicine, both in the public sector due to surcharges and in private clinics. The increase may also affect the IT sphere, since after transferring the staff to a remote mode of operation, companies can analyze the benefits and make changes to further work.

The agricultural sector, hotel and restaurant business, transportation will remain unchanged. Companies in these areas will not have financial opportunities for growth.

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