Home News The expert explained what is fraught with a ban on downloading Windows

The expert explained what is fraught with a ban on downloading Windows


A ban on downloading and updating Windows 10 and 11 from the Microsoft website could leave most Russian computers vulnerable to many types of viruses, IT expert Herman Klimenko said.

Moreover, he noted, problems will arise not only among ordinary citizens, but also among officials who use Microsoft software.

“It’s not for nothing that everyone recommends updating your computer as often as possible to avoid malware penetration,” Klymenko told Vzglyad.

In this regard, the expert recalled that, in addition to Windows and Mac, there is a Linux system, and it can be a good alternative for Russian users.

Recently, citizens of the Russian Federation (and partly of Kazakhstan) began to complain about the inability to download official distributions of Windows 10 and 11 operating systems from the Microsoft website. The Media Creation Tool utility, which is needed to write the downloaded image to an external drive for subsequent OS installation, is also not available for download.

When using a VPN, when the Microsoft site identifies the user by IP address as being outside of Russia, there are no download problems.

In early March, Microsoft announced the suspension of sales of products and services in Russia, explaining this by the introduction of Russian troops into the territory of Ukraine. Microsoft has not yet officially commented on the current situation.



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