The European Commission plans to resolve the issue of the “ceiling” of gas prices on September 28

The European Commission planned on Wednesday, September 28, to discuss the possibility of introducing a ceiling on the cost of natural gas, Bloomberg reports.

The meeting of the European Commission has been scheduled for a long time on September 28 in order to reduce volatility and increase trading volumes in the energy markets. It is not yet clear whether this discussion will take place as scheduled or whether it will be postponed to a later time.

However, it is known that the issue of introducing a gas price ceiling will also be discussed on September 30 at an extraordinary meeting of EU ministers.

The introduction of anti-Russian sanctions led to a rise in gas prices in the EU countries. Analysts expect Europe to face a tough winter amid energy shortages, business shutdowns and unemployment.

Pressure has dropped on one of the Nord Stream 2 lines, FederalPress reports. This caused a gas leak.


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