The European Commission has warned about the risks of AI for democracy

AI AI artificial intelligence artificial intelligence
AI AI artificial intelligence artificial intelligence

Generative AI tools pose risks to free and fair elections in a democratic society. This was stated by European Commission Commissioner Vera Jourova.

According to her, disinformation created by deepfakes is a potential threat to the upcoming vote of the new European Parliament.

Jourová praised security measures to inform users about the “synthetic origin of content” but also called for their further expansion.

“These efforts must be continued and intensified given the high potential of realistic AI products to create and spread disinformation. The risks are especially high in the context of elections. “I therefore call on platforms to be vigilant and provide effective security guarantees,” she warned.

The EU Commissioner noted that she met with the leaders of OpenAI and discussed these issues with them.

In April, a group of European lawmakers announced plans to draft rules to control the development of AI systems. Later, the European Parliament amended the document to prohibit a wide range of options for using the technology.

These include restrictions on facial recognition programs in public places and predictive policing algorithms. The bill also establishes transparency requirements for creators of generative models. They will be required to label content as created by AI, as well as disclose information about the materials used for training.

Let us recall that in June, UN representatives stated that deepfakes created by AI harm the integrity of information and lead to incitement of hatred in society.

Researchers at OpenAI have warned of the growing threat of language models being used to spread misinformation.

In turn, American scientists called for counteraction to deepfakes created by “enemy states.”

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