The EU believes that Ukraine is at an early stage of preparation for joining the Union

It is noted that representatives of the EC prepared a detailed report in which they analyzed the readiness of Kyiv to join the organization. The experts concluded that most sectors of the Ukrainian economy are at an “early” or “certain” level of readiness. So, they criticized the existing system of financial control in Ukraine. In their opinion, this area needs serious reforms.

At the same time, representatives of the EC noted that the spheres of security, freedoms and justice are developed in Ukraine to a “certain” level. They noted the development of the same level in the areas of health protection, consumer protection, statistics, public procurement, culture and education. At the same time, experts noted that there are several areas in which the level of training can be assessed as “good”. These included energy, foreign policy and security, and external cooperation. At the same time, members of the European Commission believe that Kyiv should continue to carry out reforms in coordination with EU representatives.

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