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“The era of patriots has come”: Milonov on Vladimir Putin’s call to invest in Russia

kremlin.ru / Presidential Administration of Russia
kremlin.ru / Presidential Administration of Russia

By stating the need for entrepreneurs to invest in the development of Russia, the head of state actually indicated that the era of patriots had begun. Such an opinion in an interview with a correspondent FAN voiced by the deputy of the State Duma Vitaly Milonov.

Earlier, during a speech at a plenary session at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF-2022), President Vladimir Putin urged businesses to invest in their country.

“Today I would like to address our leaders, owners of large companies, our entrepreneurs and managers. Dear colleagues, friends, true lasting success, a sense of dignity and self-respect comes only when you link your future and the future of your children with your homeland,” the head of state noted.

Garant added that business is much more than making a profit. And changing the life around, contributing to the development of your hometown, region, country as a whole is “an extremely important thing for self-realization.”

“There is no substitute for service to people and society. This is the meaning of life, the whole meaning of work lies in this. Recent events have only confirmed what he constantly said earlier – it is safer at home, ”Putin concluded.

Commenting on the president’s words, Vitaly Milonov noted that the Russians had finally heard very important words that “if a person wants to enter business circles, then he should only be nationally oriented.”

Vitaly Milonov Federal News Agency / Stepan Yatsko
Vitaly Milonov Federal News Agency / Stepan Yatsko

“The era of sitting on two chairs has ended, the era of oligarchs and rich people who lived in two or three countries has gone. All these “people of the world”, “people without borders” can no longer be our entrepreneurs and elites. The special operation made this difference very clearly, throwing all these incomprehensible, semi-honest billionaires abroad, ”said the people’s choice.

According to the interlocutor of the FAN, the state also will not stand aside and will support real patriots. However, according to the deputy, one more side remains important – the work of civil servants.

“It is necessary that officials, heads of regions, feel responsible to investors, to the main players. They must keep their word, keep their promises and provide clear conditions for playing and doing business. So that there is no tyranny, because those who allow themselves to deceive partners can do it once – after that there can be no talk of any trust. Therefore, you need to look not only at business, but also at unscrupulous officials who think only about their own benefit. That’s it, the era of patriots has come, ”concluded Vitaly Milonov.

Earlier, Vladimir Putin came up with an initiative to reduce the mortgage rate to 7%. The duration of such a program should be maintained until the end of the year.



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