The Energy Agency’s supervisory board seeks to re-post the top position

The German Energy Agency’s next director should really be State Secretary for Economic Affairs Graichen’s best man. Now, the supervisory board of Dena wants to appoint the position once more, “to allay concerns about bias.”

The supervisory board of the German Energy Agency (Dena) opted to start over when it came to filling the top job because the newly chosen managing director Michael Schäfer was Patrick Graichen’s, right-hand man.

However, Schäfer had recommended Graichen for the position and he was on the selection committee. The federally owned Dena’s next leader shouldn’t be Schäfer. On June 15, he was set to begin his tenure.

The procedure will be restarted, as the energy agency in Berlin said after the Dena Supervisory Board’s decision on Friday. The job posting needs to be updated. There should be greater diversity on the search committee. It should always be made sure that none of its members have any form of current or potential conflicts of interest.

“The Supervisory Board has decided to re-advertise to eliminate concerns about bias,” it stated. The procedure should be finished as quickly as is practical. Stefan Wenzel, the head of the supervisory board, mentioned a clear cut. Restarting the procedure is the only option.

The incidents had put Graichen under a great deal of stress. Both he and Robert Habeck, the Green Party’s minister of economics, had mentioned a mistake.

The strength to distinguish must be used in other situations, when no mistakes have been made, according to Habeck, who stated this on Friday. We should guard against “false assumptions” for the “people” who advanced the spread of renewable energies and won energy policy last year.

The context is that Graichen’s interpersonal relationships have also drawn criticism. His sister, who is married to his coworker Michael Kellner, works at the same place as her brother, the ko-Institut, a research center that is run by the federal government. The Ministry of Economics notes that measures have been taken to make sure Kellner and Graichen are excluded from participation in the respective award processes.

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