The employee of the store spoke about the tricks of sellers on Black Friday

The secret of huge discounts during the period of “Black Friday” was revealed by an employee of the Yekaterinburg store. She stated that sometimes the cost of goods does not change.

According to her, before Black Friday, some stores are starting to change price tags. Thus, discounts are attributed to goods, which in fact are not.

“Prices stayed the same. For example, a dress costs 2399 rubles on the old price tag. We hang a new price tag on it, where the price of 5,700 rubles is crossed out, and supposedly the new price is the same 2,399 rubles, ”the E1.RU portal quotes the woman as saying.

According to her, a real discount was made only on the cheapest things. Sometimes buyers do not even look at the quality of things when they notice a reduced price.


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