The global economy may collapse in the foreseeable future if the authorities of different countries do not allow all companies to resume their activities, which were temporarily closed due to the threat of the spread of coronavirus infection.

This was stated by Oscar Stakhovyak, venture investor and managing partner of Untitled Ventures, reports RIA Novosti.

Due to the general situation, many companies will reset and depreciate their assets, which may increase debt, the size of which will depend on the industry.

And if restrictions (quarantine and a ban on companies) continue in the third quarter, then the entire economy will be in big trouble, ”he said.

The expert is sure that the different countries’ approaches to supporting one or another sectors of the economy, as well as conducting business according to the old models, outdated due to the outbreak of coronavirus, complicate the situation.

According to him, industrial enterprises will be the first to leave the forced pause, but public catering will most likely linger on quarantine longer.

This is also due to the fact that industry has more control over working conditions – as a result, it is easier to comply with current sanitary requirements in this industry.

At the same time, speaking about the population, the mood of which may restrain the removal of quarantine measures, Stakhovyak noted that the forced imprisonment tired not only business, but also ordinary citizens, perhaps people are ready to take some risks upon themselves.