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The economic crisis 2020-2022

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It is no secret to anyone that quarantine withdrawal will be accompanied by the ensuing economic crisis.

All events of this kind in the economy are cyclical in nature. Approximately every 10 years, an economic crisis sets in, the consequences of which are leveled within six months or a year. And about once every 100 years, a global crisis sets in and lasts much longer.

It is enough to cite as an example the great depression in America, which began in 1929, and ended in the acute phase only by 1933. The situation returned to normal and, after all, 10 years later by 1939.

During this period of time, the number of unemployed has sharply increased, industrial production has fallen. 3 to 4 million people died of starvation in America alone.

In connection with the situation due to the coronavirus, we are already seeing a decline in production, bankruptcy of the business and growing unemployment. The UN warns that if you do not start plowing on earth, then the world will face hunger.

The Russian government is burning a national welfare fund to support the population, but how long this assistance will last is unknown.

But it becomes clear that it will take a long time to disentangle the consequences of this disaster. The world will not be the same. The global economy will be redone.

America, under the pretext of an emergency or unleashing another war, will adjust its budget and write off debts. China can buy up the cheaper shares of many companies and become their owners.

By the way, what about the war? After all, it was through the outbreak of the Great Patriotic War that they, after the Great Depression, accomplished an “economic miracle”. Selling equipment to our country and not only for gold. Should we expect a new large-scale war? I think still no. Everyone understands that it can be the last for everyone.

Conclusion: I recommend that anyone who has their own piece of land grow their vegetables, herbs and herbs. Tighten your belts and try not to spend money on what you can do without.

All good and peace!

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