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The doctor spoke about the condition of the ill COVID-19 Biden

US President Joe Biden has almost completely got rid of the symptoms of COVID-19. Kevin O’Connor, the politician’s attending physician, announced this on the White House website.

According to him, Biden has residual nasal congestion and a slight hoarseness.

“The symptoms are now almost completely overcome … Pulse, blood pressure, respiratory rate remain absolutely within the normal range,” the doctor wrote.

The saturation of the blood with oxygen is at a high level, the lungs of the American leader are clean.

Despite the reduction in symptoms, Biden will remain in isolation.

On July 23, Biden’s doctor said that the U.S. president, who was ill with COVID-19, was suffering from a sore throat, cough, and body aches. The American leader took the drug Paxlovid, his health improved, the physician emphasized.

The fact that the American leader passed a positive test for COVID-19 became known on July 21. According to O’Connor, the head of state is being treated with Paxlovid, he also takes Tylenol analgesic and an albuterol inhaler as needed.

According to preliminary test results, most likely, Biden fell ill with a subspecies of “Omicron” strain BA.5.

According to the doctor, this does not have a fundamental effect on the course of treatment.

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