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The doctor spoke about the benefits of sports and proper nutrition

People who play sports and eat right do not suffer from overweight. Hepatologist, gastroenterologist Pavel Bogomolov spoke about this on Thursday, July 28, in an interview with URA.RU.

He also noted that they are protected from hepatitis, alcoholic and fatty liver diseases.

People who exercise regularly, are not overweight, and eat well are less likely to suffer from liver problems, he says.

“Their liver diseases are more favorable. Those who are actively engaged in physical education with intense characteristics are lighter, less sick with alcoholic liver disease, ”said Bogomolov.

The doctor also expressed his opinion about hepatoprotectors, which are supposedly able to protect the liver from hepatitis and other diseases. According to him, they help only those who sell them. Bogomolov stressed that these are pacifiers, which are practically not registered as medicines anywhere.

Earlier, on July 26, a general practitioner, nutritionist Svetlana Goryainova said that medicines, food, ecology and a sedentary lifestyle can lead to disruption of the liver. She recalled that the liver is a very important multifunctional organ that cleanses the blood of toxins, poisons and allergens.

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