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The devil is in the details: stealing cars has become more frequent in Russia | Articles


In Russia, cars have become twice as likely to steal cars for the purpose of theft compared to the beginning of the year. This follows from open police statistics (last report published on July 20). Every fourth car owner associates the situation with the shortage of components and their high cost. Details – in the material “Izvestia”.

Sanction costs

Last week, the Ministry of Internal Affairs published data on crime for six months (from January to June), according to which 4,252 vehicles were stolen in the country during this period. Comparison with previous reports indicates a steady increase in the number of such crimes. In January, 459 cars were stolen, in February the figure increased slightly – up to 505 cars. But from March to May, the monthly volume of vehicle thefts began to increase – 620, 811, 952, respectively. Only in June, the activity of car thieves slightly decreased (to 917 crimes), which is probably due to the holiday season, when drivers are especially active in using personal vehicles. Thus, the monthly number of thefts in comparison with the beginning of the year has almost doubled.


Nevertheless, there is no reason to panic: for comparison, the total number of car thefts in the first half of the “covid” 2021 was significantly higher than the current one. Then 5202 cars were stolen, which is almost 19% more than in six months of this year. It should be noted that the statistics include only cases of the most common type of theft – theft, but robberies, robbery, extortion, the subject of which were vehicles. In addition, the police managed to solve a significant number of auto thefts – 1820, that is, almost 43% of the total number of registered crimes.

Izvestia has already written about the March jump in auto theft and predicted a further increase in the number of such crimes due to a lack of parts for cars due to sanctions and rising prices for hardware. Recall that the increase in prices for the most “breaking” parts in an accident amounted to 28.7%. According to the VSK insurance company, Toyota, KIA and Hyundai cars are most often damaged in accidents on Russian roads, RIA Novosti reports. It is not surprising that the mass models of these brands were included in the list of the most stolen cars.

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According to Rosgosstrakh statistics, the most stolen cars for five months of this year were Hyundai Santa Fe, Toyota Camry, Hyundai Tucson, Hyundai, Solaris, Kia Sportage, Mazda 6, Lada Niva.

Flashback from hell

A significant proportion of motorists share the fears of experts about the theft of cars “under parsing” and the components themselves, analysts at Delta Security Systems found out as part of their study. Many of the respondents already had similar negative experiences in the 1990s.

“Thus, 25% of Russians believe that due to the shortage of components, it is precisely the cases of theft of spare parts that will become more frequent in the near future. 57% remembered that they suffered from a similar problem in the nineties. Another 11% noted that their friends and acquaintances faced the theft of spare parts, ”the study concludes (available to Izvestia). Every 13th respondent has already experienced the theft of spare parts over the past four months.

“Moreover, they filmed both small details – wipers, mirrors, etc., and larger ones – optics, wheels. They stole on a grand scale almost 1.5 times more often,” the authors of the study state. 16% of respondents have experienced car theft personally or in the circle of their loved ones.

Photo: Izvestiya / Kristina Kormilitsyna

The survey also found out the degree of anxiety of motorists about the safety of their cars: 46% of respondents are not too worried that something criminal can happen to their vehicle, 36% are always vigilant about this issue, and 18% of respondents believe that the risks of theft cars, spare parts and intentional damage to cars increase only in the current socio-economic situation.

Delta Security Systems confirms the negative trend in criminal encroachments on car property.

“According to our data, the number of alarms associated with cars has increased by about 20% over the past 3-4 months,” Valery Ushkov, marketing director of the company, explained to Izvestia. — The growth is mainly due to attempts to steal spare parts. Our data indirectly coincide with the opinion of the respondents: most often we recorded attempts to steal optics, especially from some brands where optics are expensive, as well as wheels and rims. Petty theft attempts—wipers, mirrors, and the like—also increased, but not as much.

The company also notes a significant increase in demand for anti-theft systems in March (by 7% compared to 2021).

– The largest share was in Moscow and the Moscow region, followed by St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Rostov-on-Don. This is probably due to the concern of car owners about the safety of their car in the current situation,” Ushkov added.

“Wheels” on the castle

The company advises to adhere to several safety rules in order to keep your car safe and sound. Firstly, it is worth thinking about installing a high-quality alarm system, including satellite, with the ability to remotely turn off the engine. Many systems are now being supplemented with tilt, displacement, impact sensors, they will allow you to track not only an attempted theft, but also attempts to remove wheels, mirrors, etc. Secondly, the car should be protected mechanically. It can be a hood lock, steering wheel or gearbox lock. But it is important to remember that the thief will find this protection after opening the car.

In addition, it is necessary to choose the right place for parking: backyards, poorly lit streets and nooks and crannies are favorite places for car thieves.

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“Even if you park your car in your own yard, choose the most lit, well-viewed places,” advises a security specialist. – It’s best to park your car in a paid guarded parking lot (and make sure it’s really guarded 24/7). Own garage, unless it is a protected area, does not provide much protection. At night, in the absence of crowds in such places, thieves easily open doors.

There are exotic, but quite effective tricks from car thieves, for example, airbrushing a car. The car becomes too conspicuous, including for the police, who will look for it. It will not be easy for criminals to resell such a vehicle or a body from it. Ordinary attentiveness also saves from theft and theft from the passenger compartment: do not leave valuables in a car in a conspicuous place, forget the keys, leave them in services (especially “garage ones”), at car washes. Putting unfamiliar people into the salon is also unsafe. Another tip from experts is not to store ignition keys, immobilizer, alarm key fobs, mechanical lock keys on the same bundle.

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