The developers spoke about the concept of Polygon 2.0


Polygon Labs introduced the concept of a set of network upgrades to transform Polygon into a “value layer” for the web.

“Just as the Internet enables anyone to create and share information, the value layer is a fundamental protocol that allows anyone to create, share and program value,” the developers explained.

According to them, the planned changes will democratize access to the global economy. The level of value of the internet will enable decentralized finance, digital ownership, new coordination mechanisms and more, the team stressed.

“Polygon 2.0 is a set of proposed updates that radically rethink almost every aspect of Polygon, from protocol architecture to tokenomics and governance,” the statement said.

In the coming weeks, the developers plan to cover each component of Polygon 2.0 in a series of posts, AMA-sessions and other resources. Topics announced include:

  • the future of the Polygon POS network;
  • utility and evolution of the native token;
  • transition to broader community management of the protocol and treasury.

Recall that, against the background of the definition SEC of the native token Polygon (MATIC) as a security, the online broker Robinhood announced the termination of support for the coin. Investment company eToro has suspended operations with the asset for US clients.

Polygon Labs criticized the regulator’s decision to classify MATIC.

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