The COVID-19 pandemic has led to an increase in demand for sausages

The COVID-19 pandemic spurred the demand for sausages, Sergei Mikhailov, CEO and co-owner of the Cherkizovo group, said in an interview with Kommersant. According to him, if earlier the consumption of this product in Russia increased by 1-2% in annual terms, now the demand is growing by 3-4%. “People stayed at home, went to restaurants less,” said Mr. Mikhailov.

Sergei Mikhailov also added that prices for sausages have not yet increased, only within the inflationary expectations. But he admitted that the increase in prices for sausages by 5-10% is possible due to an increase in the cost of raw materials and packaging. According to Mr. Mikhailov, this market is very fragmented and competitive, and the share of promotions in sausages in retail reaches 70–80% and more.

More details – in an interview with Mr. Mikhailov “Kommersant” “There is a general revision of prices” “.

Anatoly Kostyrevm

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