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The court fined Gemotest for violating the law on personal data

A Moscow court fined Gemotest LLC 60,000 rubles for violating personal data protection laws. This became known on July 25.

The magistrate ruled in the case.

“Gemotest” was found guilty of committing an administrative offense under Part 1 of Art. 13.11 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation. LLC was fined 60 thousand rubles, TASS notes.

This paragraph of this article provides for a fine for the processing of personal data in cases not provided for by the legislation of Russia in the field of personal data.

In May, Roskomnadzor conducted an unscheduled inspection of the federal network of laboratories “Gemotest”. As a result, it was found that the attackers downloaded more than 300 GB of information from the database with personal data of customers.

The defendant acknowledged the fact of a hacker attack in court, noting that the unloading from the database took place in small fragments not exceeding 3 GB. The representatives of the LLC did not admit guilt and asked the court to dismiss the case due to the absence of an offense.

An appeal has been filed against the court’s decision.

Earlier in July, it became known that Delivery Club, a food and grocery delivery service in Russia, could face a fine of 60,000 to 100,000 rubles for violating personal data laws. On May 20, the security service of the service announced a leak of data on customer orders. Bank details were not affected by the leak.

Delivery Club initiated an internal investigation, and also announced its intention to conduct an additional audit of internal systems.

On May 19, Milos Wagner, deputy head of Roskomnadzor, announced the agency’s plans to introduce criminal liability for trading in the personal data of Russians. According to him, it is necessary to severely punish those who create demand for these data leaks.

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