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The cost of building two houses for migrants has risen in price in Tomsk

The authorities of the Tomsk region have adjusted the cost of building the first two houses in microdistrict No. 8 in Tomsk, intended for migrants from emergency housing stock. A representative of the OGKU “Oblstroyzakazchik” reported this to RIA “Tomsk” on August 1.

To date, three auctions have been held to find the developer of the first houses in the microdistrict. All of them were declared invalid due to the lack of applications.

“Now the auction is being prepared for the fourth time, the amount of contracts will be indexed taking into account the planned construction period,” the agency’s interlocutor said.

The maximum value of the contract, according to the latest data, will be 1.088 billion rubles. The contractor will have to build two apartment buildings by September 1, 2023.

Microdistrict No. 8 in Tomsk is designed for 8.5 thousand migrants from emergency housing. For the construction of houses, a site was chosen not far from the Zelenye Gorki microdistrict. The project includes not only the construction of new houses, but also the completion of previously unfinished facilities.

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