The coach of the Moscow hockey team beat a ten-year-old pupil with a stick

An unpleasant incident occurred at a training session for young hockey players in Moscow. The coach, in an attempt to separate the guys, hit one with a stick on the buttocks, writes Moskovsky Komsomolets.

The fight took place around 12:00 on August 15. According to the publication, two students could not determine whose turn it was to perform exercises on the ice. They began to push and both collapsed on the ice.

The coach was watching the brawl of the students. He drove up to the guys, separated them and hit one of the boys with a stick on the buttocks. The hockey equipment of the child could not protect the body from the bruise. Doctors recorded a bruise.

Moscow law enforcers organized an investigation into the incident. The parents of the children claim that the coach had previously been strict with the young hockey player. And in all the pranks he exposed the injured child as the last one.


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