The ChatGPT-generated token gained $14 million in trading volumes on Uniswap within 24 hours

AI AI artificial intelligence artificial intelligence
AI AI artificial intelligence artificial intelligence

Programmer integrated API OpenAl with its own script for automatic token generation using ChatGPT. In the first 24 hours, the trading volume of the AstroPepeX (APX) memcoin reached $14 million on Uniswap.

IN thread On social platform X, a developer under the username CroissantEth published code that he says allows AI tools to deploy ERC-20 tokens.

The idea was born out of a desire to test the capabilities of OpenAl’s ChatGPT in combination with smart contracts on Ethereum, he explained. Since the chatbot cannot “directly” deploy coins, the programmer used API integration into its own application.

This allowed us to create a script that requests and instructs ChatGPT to create a token, and the script facilitates automated deployment of the asset using Open Zeppelin standards.

The chatbot generates code in the Solidity programming language and determines token parameters such as name and market offer. To create the name, ChatGPT uses real data on the top 10,000 coins traded on Uniswap, matching them with market capitalization according to CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.

CroissantEth came to this decision after ChatGPT initially generated names that seemed unsuccessful to him, for example, FluffyUnicorn Coin.

After integrating the data, the chatbot apparently “began to better understand cryptoculture,” the developer noted. Coins like Inuverse and QuantumPepe were launched in test mode – obvious references to the popular memecoin Pepe and metaverses.

“The number of Pepe generations looked pretty fun, and it was really cool to see GPT actually bring real creativity to the data. It felt like he was growing a mind of his own,” CroissantEth commented to Decrypt.

The developer clarified that other parameters of the token, such as the emission volume, can be set manually or left at the discretion of ChatGPT. This is also possible for more complex installations.

After creating a name, the chatbot passes it and a description to another AI tool – DALL-E, which creates a corresponding image for the asset based on this.

CroissantEth’s solution is designed so that ownership of ChatGPT-generated contracts is immediately revoked. All tokens created are added to liquidity on Uniswap along with 2 ETH.

The first public coin launched automatically using a chatbot was AstroPepeX (APX). Trading volume on Uniswap in the first 24 hours exceeded $14 million, over the last 24 hours the figure amounted to $9.1 million (DEX Screener).

CroissantEth told Decrypt that his project was largely inspired by memecoin TURBO. The coin was launched in May by digital artist Rhett Mankind using ChatGPT, and its market capitalization has exceeded $50 million. However, most elements of token creation, such as naming or removing ownership, were not automated.

According to the programmer, his goal was to minimize human intervention.

“I read a thread about TURBO and saw that it does this process manually, and being a natural developer, I started learning how to automate,” he said.

CroissantEth plans to publish a user interface for its code, which will allow users without specific technical skills to launch Ethereum tokens using ChatGPT.

He noted that he found at least 20 assets deployed using his script. Some developers have directly reported to CroissantEth about their success using the solution.

“I expect that after the creation of the user interface, this number will increase significantly,” the programmer concluded.

Let’s remember that OpenAI opened access to the ChatGPT chatbot via API in March.

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