The Central Bank sold yuan for 3.7 billion rubles with settlements on April 13

The Bank of Russia sold the currency with settlements on April 13 for 3.7 billion rubles, following from the data on the regulator’s website.

Operations are carried out in the currency section of the Moscow Exchange in the “Chinese yuan – ruble” instrument with a settlement term of “tomorrow”.

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In the period from April 7 to May 5, the planned total volume of currency sales by the Ministry of Finance was 74.6 billion rubles, daily – 3.7 billion rubles.

The volume of transactions depends on the amount of oil and gas revenues of the federal budget. In the event that projected oil and gas revenues exceed the base monthly level, the Ministry of Finance conducts operations to purchase liquid assets in the amount of additional oil and gas revenues.

In the case of forecasting in the current month of lost oil and gas revenues of the federal budget, operations are carried out to sell the corresponding volume of liquid assets.

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