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The cause of all the troubles of Ukraine: Senator Tsekov about the boundless Russophobia of Kyiv

Jaap Arriens/ZUMAPRESS.com/Globallookpress
Jaap Arriens/ZUMAPRESS.com/Globallookpress

Attempts by the Ukrainian authorities to abandon the common past with the Russian world is the cause of all the troubles of the country.

The more wrong steps the nationalist government of Ukraine makes, the less Ukraine will become territorially. This was stated by the senator from the Republic of Crimea in an interview with the international editorial office of the FAN Sergei Tsekovcommenting on another Russophobic trick of Kyiv.

According to the decision of the working group of the Ukrainian Ministry of Education, all works written by Russian and Soviet writers will be removed from the school curriculum.

Almost all famous literary figures fell into disgrace – Pushkin, Lermontov, Tolstoy, Turgenev, Nekrasov and others. According to Tsekov, this is a natural continuation of the policy that the authorities of the republic began long before the war in Donbass.

“They generally want to cancel Russia as a country and do everything so that they do not have any mention of the joint past of our states. I don’t even want to call this country Ukraine. It was created by the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union. They created a country and created a problem for themselves. And the biggest mistake was that in 1939 Eastern Ukraine was united with Western Ukraine. So to speak, they dragged a Trojan horse to themselves, ”said the politician.

In 1991, when Ukraine became independent, they began to create their country from scratch, making it a priority to eliminate any signs of commonality with the Russian world. That Ukraine, which existed at the beginning of the 19th century, Tsekov noted, was 90% “Russian cultural” and Russian-speaking.

However, according to the senator, thanks to Vladimir Lenin and many leaders of the Communist Party, who pursued a policy of “Ukrainization” and “indigenization”, the ideas of nationalism became stronger in about half of the population. And although by 1991 most of the inhabitants were still very close to the Russian world, the authorities of the republic continued their course against unity with the Russian Federation.

“Then they began to destroy the Russian language, culture, break ties with Russia, canceled our history. As a matter of fact, this is how they brought the republic to its current state, and continue this disastrous path further. The nationalists do not understand that the main cause of all the troubles of the country is just that total boundless Russophobia that they kindled in the 90s. They go further, and the more such decisions are made, the smaller Ukraine will become territorially. We are not going to give our native Russian lands and cities to anyone for desecration, ”the politician emphasized.

Earlier, as part of the program to “cancel Russia,” the Kyiv regime announced its intention to rename hundreds of streets and public places named after the great Russian generals, politicians, cultural figures, sports and scientists.

In addition, in many cities they began to desecrate or demolish monuments dedicated, among other things, to the era of the Great Patriotic War. It is noteworthy that a large part of the local population does not agree with such actions, but does not publicly oppose, fearing reprisals from armed nationalists.



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