The Cabinet of Ministers of the Russian Federation approved a plan for the repair of railway infrastructure |  Alexey Zadonsky / CC BY-SA 4.0 | Alexey Zadonsky / CC BY-SA 4.0

The Government Commission on Transport approved a plan for the gradual exit of the track complex of Russian Railways to the regulatory level by 2035, Kommersant writes.

The program implies a major overhaul in 2023–2035 of 82.2 thousand kilometers of railways. Over 50% falls on the North-Western test site (44.2 thousand km), follows from the document.

Investments from 2023, taking into account the cost of track equipment, should reach 7.6 trillion rubles. Over 13 years, about 3.8 trillion rubles will be spent on the overhaul of roads, about 2.6 trillion on the reconstruction of structures and improvement of the subgrade, and about 1.1 billion rubles more. will be sent for the modernization of the fleet of track and road construction equipment.

At the same time, the program must be 100% subsidized by the monopoly. A detailed financing plan is not spelled out in the document.


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