Home News The British military shared a frightening fact about Russia

The British military shared a frightening fact about Russia


The RAF believes that Russia has rapidly expanded its arsenal of submarines over the past decade. In this regard, they need to increase the number of anti-submarine aircraft by a third.

Air Lieutenant Colonel James Henderson called the above fact frightening and posing a threat to Britain. He stated that Russia allegedly invested more in the Navy and has new submarines.

According to the Telegraph newspaper, the United Kingdom has nine P-8 Poseidon patrol aircraft. Each of them costs about 146.7 million dollars. To detect submarines, you need to use sonar buoys. One P-8 Poseidon can be equipped with almost 130 buoys, and each of them costs about 6.1 thousand dollars.

Air Lieutenant Colonel Ben Livesey believes that it is more expedient to buy three more aircraft from the United States, since Boeing’s production facilities are working with might and main. At the same time, London found itself at a disadvantage due to inflation and rising energy prices.

Earlier, the Chief of the General Staff of the British Army, General Patrick Sanders, announced the need to create an army that would fight against Russia.


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