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The brig “Russia” passed in the waters of the Neva at the festival “Scarlet Sails”


The brig “Russia” with scarlet sails passed in front of former schoolchildren at the main holiday of graduates in St. Petersburg on the night of Saturday, June 25. The event is broadcast by Channel Five.

The ship followed a new route, the trajectory of movement doubled. It passed through the Palace Bridge, along the entire Palace Embankment and turned around in front of the Trinity Bridge.

In 2019, the brig Rossiya for the first time passed along the Neva under a pyrotechnic show, and in 2020 it changed the course of the passage so that spectators on the embankments could better see it.

The Scarlet Sails holiday began on the evening of June 24 at Palace Square. The Scarlet Sails ceremony was opened by the governor of St. Petersburg, Alexander Beglov, with a blow to the bell. The head of the region addressed parting words to the graduates, wishing them to conquer new heights, to work for the good of the Motherland.

Khabib, MIA BOYKA, The Hatters, Polina Gagarina performed before the graduates, and Hands Up and Sergey Zhukov became the headliner.

Graduates from different cities said that they dreamed of attending the Scarlet Sails festival. Former schoolchildren note that this holiday for them is a wonderful and significant end to their school years, a kind of transition to adulthood.

In addition, tourists from Albania arrived at the event. One of the guests said that he came to the holiday with the whole family. Tourists dressed in national costumes with golden lace.

For the first time, “Scarlet Sails” was held in 1968. In the 1990s, the holiday was not celebrated, and in 2005 the celebration was revived by JSC AB Rossiya, Channel Five and the government of St. Petersburg.

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