The biggest owner of bitcoins

There are many digital currencies in the market that you can invest in. But the most popular cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. Let’s see who owns the most bitcoins.

Currently, the number of Bitcoins in circulation is around 19.37 million. Initially, the limit was set on the number of Bitcoins, they could not exceed 21 million.


The remaining coins will be mined until 2140. It is believed that 19,37 million Bitcoins are in the market. About four million bitcoins have been lost since the digital currency came into existence. What bitcoins make it possible to become a billionaire

The volatility of the exchange rate in the cryptocurrency market makes it difficult to determine how many bitcoins it will take to become a billionaire. From now on, to become a billionaire, you must have at least 36,857 Bitcoins to be part of the BTC Billionaires Club. Who has the most bitcoins now

Satoshi Nakamoto has generated over 22,000 blocks and received over 1 million Bitcoins in block rewards. He has 1,000,000 BTC ($27.13 billion worth). Besides Satoshi Nakamoto, many companies have a large amount of Bitcoin. These are individuals, companies, governments, stock exchanges and corporations. Here are some famous Bitcoin billionaires:

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss
In 2013, they revealed that they bought 1% of the total amount of Bitcoins. The twins have about 70,000 bitcoins, currently worth $18.67 billion. Tim Draper

Venture capitalist Tim Draper bought 29,656 bitcoins. Draper has already invested in high-tech companies such as Skype and Tesla, is a bitcoin whale, and is loudly announcing the future for the world’s largest cryptocurrency.

Michael J. Saylor
Michel J. Saylor may not be considered a Bitcoin billionaire per se, but he is better known as a Bitcoin whale. In 2021, he announced that he has at least 17,732 BTC. Also, his company MicroStrategy has about 132,500 bitcoins.

Due to the anonymity of Bitcoin transactions, it is difficult to find out exactly how much BTC a company owns, unless they choose to disclose this information. There are also other whales holding large amounts of Bitcoin, including Brian Armstrong (CEO of Coinbase) and Changpeng Zhao (CEO of Binance).

Individual Bitcoin wallets
Bitcoin ownership can be determined by looking at the address of the bitcoins in circulation. So far, only 5 Bitcoin addresses hold more than 100,000 BTC, collectively more than 660,000 BTC

Besides Satoshi, the other four addresses belong to Binance, Bitfinex and two are unknown.

There are 112 other owners who have between 10,000 and 100,000 BTC. These 112 addresses hold more than 12% of all Bitcoins in circulation.

Instead of owning bitcoin directly, some investors are turning to financial institutions. These companies invest in Bitcoin through trust and money. For example, Grayscale Bitcoin Trust holds approximately $17.4 billion of Bitcoin, and the world’s largest asset manager, BlackRock, has invested part of its $15 billion in Bitcoin.

Private company
Investors also buy bitcoins to hedge against inflation and diversify their portfolios. Famous companies that hold large amounts of Bitcoins:

MicroStrategy – about 132,000 BTC.

Galaxy Digital Holdings – about 16,000 BTC. – 140,000 BTC.
State structures

Governments around the world also hold large amounts of Bitcoin, either through acquisition as security or through seizure due to suspected criminal activity. However, it is difficult to estimate the exact amount of BTC owned by different governments due to the many companies involved in the process.

In the United States, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has about 174,000 bitcoins. Other governments that hold large amounts of bitcoins include the Chinese (around 194,000 BTC) and the Bulgarian government (over 200,000 BTC).

Frequently asked questions about Bitcoin

Who has the most bitcoins? Satoshi Nakamoto is the largest Bitcoin holder to date with 1,000,000 Bitcoins.

How many million bitcoins are there? There are around 36,000. However, the number is difficult to calculate due to the anonymity of Bitcoin addresses and the volatility of the cryptocurrency. Which country has the most bitcoins?
Bulgaria is the country with the most Bitcoins, with around 213,519 BTC. What is the total Bitcoin supply?

The total supply is 21 million BTC and it is expected that all coins will be mined by 2140.

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